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High performing auto dealers spend an insane amount of money towards marketing and advertising. Many dealers use advertising agencies that do things like search engine marketing, social media advertising, direct mail, email marketing, data mining marketing and more. Many dealers recycle their BDC staff because of false expectations that they set for themselves and lack of training. Dealer Retention Services takes away these costly headaches. It can cost as much as $20,000 if not more to staff a business development center. At a fraction of that price we offer a complete highly trained team to get the job done and provide full accountability. We are well trained in all major CRM systems and can hit the ground running from day one!


They say that “those who that can’t do teach” and vice versa. Dealer Retention Services turns that statement into a myth. Since we work with dealerships nationwide providing our own BDC and call center services we are able to lead by example. We have customized training programs available to dealers of all sizes. Our training program is led by one of the most known industry specialists in the country. His name is Thomas Esposito and he is the Owner. Our training programs are created for BDC, Internet Sales, Showroom Sales, Receptionist, Service BDC and Management. We will train your people how to be successful and treat their career opportunity as a business. Our services are delivered in-store, over the phone or virtually.


A professional third party review is always an essential to the growth and improvement of any business. We are students of our craft. We have network of every major professional executive in this entire industry. We attend conferences, read books and continue to develop ourselves to know what the latest trends are. Our heart and soul is put into the best interest of our industry. We conduct professional needs analysis and create a goal together to help your dealership achieve maximum success.


Did you know that according to NADA there were 1,134,442 people employed across the United states in 2019? The success of a multimillion dollar business is dependent on good quality people. This is an industry where you can start at below average and move up to way above average in a short time. The problem is that there is constant turnover in our dealerships. Dealer Retention Services fixes that problem. Our job advertising, screening, interviewing, placement and training program is very unique. We studied the art of recruiting from the very best recruiting Human Resources expert in the world and created are own process that works!

Dealer Retention Services

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